Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

The physical therapy which is also known as physiotherapy due to its dynamic nature of profession and I concerned with rehabilitation of patients visiting to OPD or admitted in hospital for treatment of their disability related to pain, disease or injury through physical thcrapetic measures. The disability ranges from orthopedic problems to cardio-pulmonary, neurological, prosthetic & orthotics, where application of physical therapy plays a dynamic role to restore health back to normal. This is five year undergraduate full time study program. There are two semesters in each year and duration of each semester will be 18 weeks. The concepts related to the Basic Medical Sciences, Communication Skills and Basic. Physiotherapy will be covered in first two years and last three years will deal with Clinical Medical Sciences along with practical physical therapy applications at Bone Care Trauma Center Hospital & Al-Biruni Institute of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences.