Bachelor of Science (Nursing)


This program is being offered by Al-Biruni institute of Medical and Health Sciences.. The objectives of this program are to produce competent Nurses to practice with efficiency in the field of patient care, Nursing, research, Nursing administration and teaching. This program will produce competent Nurses to overcome the scarcity of Nursing staff in our country an d abroad


The program of B5 Nursing aims to: Prepare competent, committed, knowledgeable nurses for hospital and community based settings. Produce nurses who will integrate evidence-based study into clinical practice for the care of in families and communities. Enable nursesto meet the future challenges, includingchanges in technology and practice. Educate nurses with appropriate knowledge, skill and attitude with clinical competency. Develop nurses who can provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services to populations in rural and urban settings Initiate a leadership role in the planning., implementing and evaluation of individual, family and community.

Course of Study

The BS (Nursing) is a 4year program of total 136 credit hours. The first two semesters cover initial levels of Nursing ,biochemistry, mathematics and English courses. Subsequently the students are exposed to advanced studies in adult health 8 knowledge about various drugs. The clinical teaching will be undertaken in the hospital setting to bridge theory with clinical practice from the very beginning across four years of studies

Career Opportunities

BSN graduate is prepared to be a safe clinical nurse who will be able to provide comprehensive care at primary., secondary., and tertiary levels within hospitals and community settings. In addition, nurses can persue higher education such as MSN, PhD and specialize in obstetrics, pediatrics and psychiatric health nursing. In Pakistan there is a huge shortage of qualified nurses and their demand is on the rise due to development of medical facilities.. The interested canclidatescan join the profession and make it a career.